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 [G]Blyssenor Wright
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Mar 20 2012, 12:48 PM   Link Quote
Name: Blyssenor Wright

Age/Year: 17/7th

House: Gryffindor (We're the best, biznitch)

Physical Appearance: Blyssenor's height is probably the most prominent feature of her appearance. She stands at a mere five feet with a petite body type to match, something that caused her to be on the frail side when she was younger. As such, the build of the rest of her extremeties tends to be smaller than what is normal for any other seventeen year old. In her years at the orphanage, she strayed away from physical activities that involved excessive physical contact. Instead she chose to participate in the classic childhood races, almost always coming out on top despite her short stature. Then again, the children she raced were usually a good three to four years younger than her.

Her innate dislike of rough sports changed dramatically, however, when she found the magical sport of quidditch. Blysse fell in love with the feeling of flying through the air on a broomstick, the adrenaline rush gained when making a particularly difficult play, and the satisfaction of a bludger slamming point-blank into an opponent's nose. Generally, someone with the young Gryffindor's build would have been a seeker. In fact, that was the position that she had originally tried out for. But once they stuck the bat in her hand, she showed remarkable promise at the role of beater. After excessive training, which just happened to involve her favorite sport of running, she gained the lean, musculuar physique that graces her today. Without it, she definitely wouldn't have as much skill at beating bludgers around.

Second only to her height, Blyssenor's flaming red hair sets her apart from most of the students around her. It wouldn't be too hard to spot her locks of scarlet in a sea of brown, black, and blonde. When she was younger, the vampire hated her hair with a passion. But as she grew older (and noticed how Gryffindor's colors complimented her hair colour), she started to appreciate the unique flair it gave her. Once that insecurity was forgotten, she began to wear it down more and more often as opposed to the classic pony tail or bun. It's a straight shine of crimson that cascades down to the small of her back like a waterfall, or so she likes to think. Because of the length, she tends to have difficulty with tangles and split-ends, but a tad bit of magic smooths out the flaws. Well... at least when she has the patience for it.

Blyssenor's favourite aspect of her appearance would have to be her shockingly blue eyes. They accurately match the colour of her birthstone, which just so happens to be a sapphire. And luckily enough for her, they compliment her fiery red hair. Unlike other students in her year, they might convey an expression of wisdom and sadness. It is one unfortunate thing that comes with the curse of being a vampire. While your outside appearance may be youthful, your eyes betray the true knowledge of dispair and age. She has known many things that other students have not.... but that does not always plague her as it should.

In the line of clothing, Blysse likes them neat, modest, and dark. It's hard to compromise with the Hogwarts school uniform, but when you see her outside of such attire, she usually wears something that compliments both her features and her personality. She dislikes heels, though she will wear them if the occasion calls for it. She never really liked dressing up when younger; in her time at the orphanage, she was a tomboy in all aspects but the physical. Now she has developed a distinct taste for it, though she only wears make-up for dates, dances, and other special events. When it comes to jewelry, she seems to hold the same standards. One diamond stud normally graces each of her ears and one single blue sapphire pierces her left cartilage. A single silver ring set with a small, bright sapphire encircles her right index finger and a heart-shaped pendant with a matching stone hangs loosely around her neck, usually resting over the collar of her shirt.

Personality: The younger Blyssenor would have been considered stubborn, argumentative, and too smart for her own good. The older version has changed very little. She was easily given the title of 'overachiever.' If possible, Blysse will spend long hours writing up her homework and studying her spell books to find new ways to get ahead. She has a thirst for knowledge and the enthusiam and determination to gain everything she has ever wanted. Why? Everyone who ever visited the orphanage pitied her. They shook their heads, smiled sadly in her direction, and moved on to other children. She would be a failure at life, they whispered. Someone who would never make it past poverty. Nothing angered her more; she was set on doing her utmost best to prove them wrong.

In the beginning, she tended to be a loner. Pouring herself into her studies became habitual and anyone who wanted to disrupt her schedule would find themselves hastily declined. But after several happenings with the girls in her dorm room that involved forced excursions to Hogsmeade and dances, Blyssenor began to open up more to her fellow students. Now she holds a friendly face and a warmer, more mellow personality... unless you cross her, that is. She still has the know-it-all air, though now it is more comical than condescending. Her past tragedies sometimes cause her to be insecure and shy when around new people, but once they accept her, she feels right at home being the quirky person she is.

Vampirism has seemingly given her a taste for anger and spite, causing her temper to be terrifying at best, and her tolerance level to slip. She likes to act as if she knows things that others don't about life and sadness, which is true to some extent, but she overdoes it. Quidditch and running both seem to counteract the effects of the harsh side of her personality, saving many from bitter words and regrettable actions on her part. When it comes to bravery, one might describe Blyssenor as 'stupidly curious.' When something perks her interest, she doesn't care how dangerous it is. She investigates, she researches, and she risks her neck to execute the crazy arse plans that formulate within the depths of her mind. She is truly Godric Gryffindor's student.

One passion that a younger Blyssenor used to favor was music. The owners of the orphanage and several of her childhood friends chipped in to buy her a brand new bass guitar. And boy did she play the heck out of that thing, also trying to develop a singing voice to match the melodic tones of her instrument. But around her fifth year, the guitar strayed to the bottom of her trunk never to return. Occasionally she thinks of retrieving it, but never follows through, and forgets about it for months on end.

In the late summer before her seventh year, Blyssenor found a bedraggled, black kitten wandering the alleyways of London. She quickly adopted the devious little female and dubbed her Jazmine, or Jazzy for short. The feline has become a near constant companion, for she takes her with her whenever possible. As such, the cat takes to wandering about the Gryffindor common room whenever her owner is absent.

Character Background: Blyssenor Wright has no knowledge or memory of her parents, who left her on a doorstep when she was barely three months old. The owners of the orphanage came to find a small bundle sitting upon their porch at three in the morning, holding the tiny baby girl and a heavily padded envelope. Within the packet was the sapphire ring and pendant she always wears and a note that pleaded for her safety, gave her name and birthdate, and requested that the jewelry be given to her when she turned eleven.

It was there that Blyssenor grew up, becoming a sort of rolemodel for all the others. She loved the younger children and helped to take care of them. She frequently fought for the unusual, such as outings to forests and beaches, and teaching the others reading, writing, and arithmetic. She actually learned her skills from a tutor that visited frequently until the orphanage could no longer afford it.

One fateful, stormy evening, a ten year old Blyssenor took the younger boys and girls out to a small wooded area near the orphanage. They all participated in a silly game of hide-and-seek that was peppered with excessive cheating. Something VERY unexpected occurred about midway through that visit, however, turning a once delightful evening into a dreadful nightmare. A creature lurked within the confines of the shadows and seeked to fill it's carnal lust for blood that night. He quickly noticed the oldest of the group... which just happened to be Blyssenor, and targeted her as his prey. Frightened to the point of hysteria, yet burdened with the task of protecting the children around her, she was forced to lag behind and allow herself to be caught by the vicious monster that chased them.

"Be still and silent child; your screaming will not help you," The man cooed, sliding his hand along the girl's throat. Immediately she fell silent, staring up into the eyes of insanity. Her body was shaking so viciously that even the vampire's strong grip was trembling. This caused him to scowl and wiggle her out in front of him, before lifting her so that her azure gaze was level with his ice one. His lips parted as he grinned broadly. Blyssenor gasped.

'Vampire fangs?! I thought those only existed in movies,' She thought quickly, trying to gulp down the lump that was forming in her throat. The others had made it away safely... hopefully they would get help and save her from this monster! Silent tears formed on her eyelashes and struggled down her face, but the vampire paid them no mind. He seemed more intent with staring at her throat, which only made her panic and shake even more. Her heart was beating so fast that she was suprised she had not died of fear yet. But did it matter? She was going to die anyway...

The vampire chose not to say another word. In fact, he used his mouth to accomplish a different goal. An anguished, blood chilling scream broke through the silent night as he fulfilled his blood lust. Once finished, he slashed his wrist and dumped the contents into the still, dying body now on the ground beneath him. For several moments, he stood over her form, a thin frown forming on his lips. Suprisingly enough, tears were trailing down his dirty cheeks. "I'm sorry," He muttered, before turning and rushing away, not to be heard from for a long, long while. The sobbing heap that he left behind turned into a vampire like him that night, cursed with all his ailments and strengthened by all his powers.

Blyssenor's caretakers found her in the forest, wild-eyed and covered with crimson blood. They were never fully informed of what had taken place that night, but they knew something was different about their young caretaker. A few days after the incident, when Blysse turned elven, a peculiar man showed up at the orphanage. He informed Blysse of her powers as witch and the side-effects of her curse, afterwards inviting her to join the magical school called Hogwarts. She accepted without a second thought.

At first, most students shunned her because of her curse. Blyssenor didn't mind that quite as much as she should have, and applied herself to extra research aside from school work. She found out several things about vampirism and what she had to do to survive. Though she favored putting off her feedings for as long as possible, that was very dangerous and put all around her at risk. If her body was wracked with the pains of hunger, she would not recognize friend from foe.... or food in this instance. So she begrudgingly fed from animals in the forest, with permission from the same odd man who had given her entrance to the school. She wondered if there were more diginified ways of satisfying her needs, but never thought to actually do anything about it. Feeding in the forest was more hidden anyway.

In Blysse's research, she discovered some stark differences between her curse and the standard ones. She was not affected by daylight... aside from the fact that she got a sunburn easily. Garlic was just disgusting, but she wouldn't shrivel up from the presence of it. Crosses had no negative effects on her. She had a reflection. In fact, it seemed as if she had no weakness but her lack of balance and her disgusting desire for blood. More digging and a few mind invasions from her master, Zacharias ( the vampire who bit her), led her to the conclusion that she was a type of experimental vampire. Some evil force in the world had set to perfect the vampire and well... his experiment had escaped and fed on some poor girl in the forest. Now that man was warped and evil, even if he had shown remorse earlier in his life for his actions. Instead of being undead, Blysse was very much alive, just burdened with an odd taste for a human's main life force.

The people at Hogwarts kept her sane. Or, in retrospect, some of them practically drove her insane. Her fangs had sunk into the flesh of three people there at Hogwarts: Alexander Masters, Joshua Malone, and Vorian Atreides. All of them had been incredibly close to her and she had pushed them away by becoming a monster. Of those three, only Joshua Malone really came off physically scathed. He was turned into a vampire. He tried his hand at romancing Blyssenor, but soon gave up and disappeared. Alexander was in an accident that caused him to lose his memory. Is it surprising that Blysse was involved? She fell down the stairs and smacked right into his head with her foot, causing her ankle to snap and his memories to fizzle.

Vorian was probably the one that hurt her the most. She still feels something for him to this day and is glad that after the attack, he has chosen to still be friends with her. It took him a while to even speak to her, but they are mending the broken pieces. As a result of Blysse's attack on Vorian, miss Ivory Vein came into her life. She found Blysse when she was on the verge of insanity and brought her back to life. They have been as close as sisters ever since.

Special Request: Vampire.


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