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 Tonight just live it up, with the rest of us, the rest of us, Mari || Lyra
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Mar 17 2018, 05:53 PM   Link Quote
It always felt good to end the school day, even if the work wasn't yet done. Heading back to his dormitory and pulling off his uniform in exchange for much comfier, more relaxed clothes was Ysgawyn's most simple of rewards. It was the best way to start an evening too, he not only felt more relaxed as he faced his homework, but there was no need to change when he was done. So when he finished, he could move straight on to something better.

Wyn slipped on his boots and waved a wand across the laces so they tied themselves masterfully as he made his way over to the mirror. The magical fox on his jeans flicked its eyes around to meet his reflection's and wriggled its ears in greeting, the only two things it could do other than wag its tail. Once his hair was checked, he grabbed a cloak and his bag, and headed towards the library.

Work was slow and tedious for a while, dragging on like it wouldn't ever end. Hours seemed to tick by as he read the material, wrote his essay and checked what he'd written, before continuing again. The library emptied gradually as it often did around fifth years preparing for their OWLs, and Ysgawyn was starting to feel that he'd probably write a better essay anywhere but here, if he wasn't afraid of stopping and having to find the motivation to work all over again.

What he really needed was something better to do, an excuse he couldn't pass up like quidditch practise, or a rule-breaking mudblood to turn in. He cast his eyes around the room, but the dusty, faded books that surrounded him didn't offer any distractions, so instead he laid his head on his hand, and tried to resist the temptation to fall asleep as he twirled his quill in slow circles around his forefinger, the two foot long essay now barely even scratching at the lowest peak of his attention.

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Lyra Saros
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Mar 27 2018, 09:07 AM   Link Quote
The library was not a place you would find someone like Lyra Saros, it was too cramped and full of musty books. She preferred the outdoors to being stuffed away in a corner, trying to hammer words into her head over subjects she didn't have any interest in most of the time. Because Lyra was an active Gryffindor she often found sitting still a bit of a challenge. Yet she had been roaming the castle halls in search of Billy and hadn't found her platinum haired friend anywhere. The library was the last place to look since he wasn't in the dorms, the main hall, in any of the classes... and she had even ducked her head into the boy's bathrooms and yelled "BILLY ARE YOU IN HERE YOU BOOB?!" to no avail.

"He was probably hiding and not wanting to come out after I called him out," she grumbled as she headed to the library. Her footsteps echoed quietly in the mostly deserted hall and her fingernail tapped against her lips in thought. Silver white hair bounced against her shoulder in the form of a braid, as constant as the beating of her stardust heart. Things with Ishan were going, not as quickly or as smoothly as she would like but they were definitely set into motion. Lyra didn't know what to make of the prince, he certainly hadn't been what the young witch had expected. It still frustrated her that he was here, in her own home and she wasn't certain if she should be hanging out with him most of the time or was allowed to have her own friendships outside of their two man circus.

Several seventh years came out of the open doors and Lyra stepped aside or risked being crushed. Her freckles stood out angrily against her pale skin and her glacier eyes narrowed before turning away and heading inside. "Billy?" she hissed, looking between the rows of books. If she started yelling here she was going to get kicked out before she even got started. Unfortunately there was no Gryffindor to be fond here either. Fortunately she did find a familiar looking Ravenclaw she sometimes stuck to sitting at a table, his textbooks open before him, but his eyes were wandering.

Lyra snuck up behind Ysgawyn and put her hands over his eyes, "guess who?" then before he could even answer, the witch dropped into the seat beside him with a smile. "Whose Kneazle cat did you kick that you're hiding out in here pretending to do homework?" Lyra's brows rose towards her hairline, amusement tugging at her lips.

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